RUSTY BLACKBIRD – Birds for Kids

In spring, the rusty blackbirds come from the South in pairs, already mated, whereas the red-wings and grackles travel then in flocks. At that time the males are a uniform glossy, bluish-black, and their mates a slate gray, darker above than below; but after the summer moult, when they gather in small companies, both are decidedly rusty. You might mistake them for grackles in the spring, but never for male red-wings then with their bright epaulettes. Notice the rusty blackbird’s pale yellow eye.

Birds Every Child Should Know by Neltje  Blanchan
Author of “Bird Neighbours,” “Birds that Hunt and Are Hunted,”
“Nature’s Garden,” and “How to Attract the Birds.”
1907 by Doubleday, Page & Company


Image Details:
Title: Rusty Blackbird
Alternative Title: Euphagus carolinus
Creator: Menke, Dave
Description: A Rusty Blackbird perches on a log in the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge located in Iowa.
Subject: Birds, Birdwatching, Perching birds, Wildlife refuges
Location: Iowa
Publisher: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Date created     2011-07-27