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Еxcerpt from: Puss in boots / Publication date [between 1836 and 1844] / Publisher London: Orlando Hodgson, 111, Fleet Street


Puss in boots story – Part 2

Soon after, the cat laid himself down in the same manner in a field of corn, and had the same good fortune as before; for two fine partridges got into his bag. He killed these also and carried them to the palace. The king received them as he had done the rabbit, and ordered his servants to give the cat something to drink. In this manner he carried a great many presents of the game to the king, saying that they came from my Lord Marquis of Carrabas (as he called his master) at least once every week.

Puss with the reapers - Puss in boots story
Puss with the reapers

One day the cat heard that the king was going to take a ride that morning by the river’s side with his daughter, who was the most beautiful princess in the world.
On this he said to his master:

“If you will but follow my advice, your fortune is made. Take off your clothes, and bathe yourself in the river just in the place I shall show you, and leave the rest to me.’*

His master knew what a good and faithful servant Puss was to him, and therefore did just as he desired, though he could not guess what the cat intended. While he was bathing the king passed by, and Puss directly cried out as loud as he could :

” Help! help ! or else my Lord Marquis of Carrabas will be drowned!’*

The king heard the cries and put his head out at the window of his coach to ask what was the matter; when he saw the very cat who had brought him so many presents. He then ordered his servants to run and do all they could for my Lord Marquis of Carrabas.

While they were busy in taking the cat’s master out of the river, Puss ran to the king’s coach and told his majesty that while his master was bathing some thieves had run away with his clothes as they lay by the river’s side. But the truth was, that the cunning cat had hid them herself under a large stone.

When the king heard this, he sent the officers of his wardrobe to fetch one of the handsomest suits in it, and give it to my Lord Marquis of Carrabas; and at the same time paid him a thousand compliments. The fine clothes that were brought made the cat’s master look like a gentleman ; and as he was very comely, they set him off to the best advantage: so that the kind’s daughter was very much pleased with him, and as soon as he had cast two or three tender glances upon her, she became quite in love with him.

The king made him get into the carriage, and take a ride with them. The cat was charmed to see how well all this was likely to end; so Puss ran before to a field where the corn was being reaped and said to the men that were at work:

” Good people if you do not tell the king when he passes this way, that this field belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carrabas, you shall all of you be chopped as small as minced meat.

The king did not fail to ask the reapers, who was the owner of the field?

” My Lord Marquis of Carrabas,”

said they all at once; for the words of the cat had frightened them terribly.

” You have got a find piece of land here, my Lord Marquis,”

said the king.

” Yes, Sire,” answered he: ” and it brings me a very good harvest every year.”

The cat still went on before, and next came to a field where some more men were making the com they had reaped into sheaves. He said to these people the same as to the others :

” Good folk, if you do not tell the king, when he passes this way, that the corn you have reaped in this field belongs to my Lord Marquis of Carrabas, you shall all of you be chopped as small as minced meat.”

Puss asking the health of the ogre - Puss in boots story
Puss asking the health of the ogre