FOX TERRIER DOG – Information About Dogs

FOX TERRIER DOG – Among the best known of all dogs is that buoyant, irrepressible, and violently affection- ate creature known as a fox terrier. Some- how he is always associated in many minds with sunshine and dancing, and when properly cared for and kindly treated he is a joyous tiling.

TERRIERS – Information About Dogs

TERRIERS – Information About Dogs – The terriers, as their name suggests, go to the earth (la terre) for their prey – dogs primarily intended to unearth foxes, badgers, rabbits, rats, and other comparatively small animals which seek refuge in burrows in the ground.

MASTIFF DOG BREED – Information About Dogs

MASTIFF DOG BREED – If the Pyrenean dog is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world, surely the English mastiff is one of the most famous. It is regarded as probably the oldest of all British dogs, and, as we have seen, its ancestors were used by the Assyrians for hunting big game.